OpenInsight 10.0.8



Thank you for evaluating or purchasing OpenInsight v10.0.8!

Before you begin

When installing OpenInsight 10 make sure to have your authorization code supplied by Revelation Software.  This authorization code can be obtained from the OpenInsight Works Gateway page.  Click on the link Request an Authorization Code.

Works members can download the OpenInsight 10 Full Install from the Works Downloads section of our web site.

An evaluation copy of OpenInsight 10 can be downloaded from the Download Evaluation page on our web site.

Close all non-essential Windows programs and antivirus software.  If you have previously run OpenInsight 10, it is recommended that you reboot before performing the installation or update.

The software will only run on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit all versions except RT, Windows 8.1 64-bit all versions except RT, Windows 10 64-bit Pro and Enterprise, Windows 2008 Server 64-bit, Windows Server 2012 with full GUI, Windows Server 2012 R2 with full GUI, Windows Server 2016 with full GUI, Windows Server 2019 with full GUI.  If you are planning on running the Engine Server, you must either choose to install the included "Java runtime", or you may download your own 64-bit Java runtime.  Please ensure that it is at least release 1.9, though it's prefereable that you download the latest version.

Major Changes in the OpenInsight 10.0.8 Release

OpenInsight 10.0.8 and above now optionally installs an open-source version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  During the installation process, you can choose to either install this open-source version, or - if you have a different version of Java already on your system, or you wish to manually install a version of Java - you can opt to NOT install the open-source version.  Note that the open-source version installed via the installation process does not update your system paths; rather, it puts the JRE directly inside the OpenInsight folder.  Both the commands (batch files) to install the EngineServer service, and to run the Engine Server in "debug" mode, are aware of the location of the JRE and thus do not require modifications to the workstation's/server's environment settings.

OpenInsight's RLIST functionality and performance, improved with the 10.0.7 release, has now been changed to use this new version of RLIST (RLISTX) by default.  If you wish to configure your system to use legacy RLIST behavior, you must create or update a configuration record in SYSENV. Using the Record Editor, or the Configuration Record option from the OI Console, you must create a CFG_RTI_RLIST record in SYSENV, with RLIST9 in field 1.  If this record doesn’t exist, or has anything other than RLIST9 in field 1, then enhanced RLIST behavior ("RLIST X") and functionality will remain.  (Note that the CFG_RTI_RLIST information is cached by your system; after changing this value, you should exit and re-enter OpenInsight).

Other notable changes in the OpenInsight 10.0.8 release include an improved startup process, better OLE and custom property support in the Form Designer, and newly customizable login dialogs.

For a full list of the changes in this release, please review the changelog PDF.

License Enhancements For OpenInsight 10.0.4 and Above 

Starting with OpenInsight 10.0.4, "child" processes launched from OpenInsight can be configured so that they do not consume additional license seats.  In particular, CTO, AREV64, BRW, and O4W calls (using the engine server's built-in web server) made from a copy of OpenInsight will not count against the licensed count of users.
For example, a single user copy of OpenInsight can now run the IDE, a CTO session, and generate a BRW report at the same time.
Note that this enhancement requires both OpenInsight 10.0.4 (or above), and the Universal Driver 5.2 (or above).  OpenInsight 10.0.7 will work with the Universal Driver 5.1, but it will not exhibit these license enhancements until it is "paired" with a UD 5.2.
To take advantage of this license enhancement for O4W and engine server tasks, users/developers must update their eserver.cfg file (either directly or through the Settings dialogs).  In particular, any passwords that are currently explicitly embedded in the eserver.cfg can be replaced with an asterisk ("*"); this indicates that the specific connection should use the enhanced licensing.  This also has the additional advantage of no longer requiring manual updates to the eserver.cfg file when passwords are changed for the applications or users defined in the connection string.  (As an additional enhancement, the username can also be replaced with "*" if you wish to use the 'default user' created for an application).
For example, if your eserver.cfg previously contained the following lines:

They can now be replaced with the following lines:

NOTE: OpenInsight 10.0.8 requires the .Net 4.7 framework.  Certain versions of Windows (for example, those running Windows 10 version 1507 or earlier) may have difficulty installing the .Net 4.7 framework.  Before you install this release of OpenInsight 10, please ensure that all required systems have been upgraded to .Net 4.7.  For more information, see this:


After downloading the full installation or update zip files, please be sure to right-click and check "properties" - many versions of Windows will now "block" zip file contents from properly executing. If there is a checkbox to "unblock" the zip file, please check it and press "OK" before unzipping.

Running Setup for OpenInsight 10.0.8 (Full Install) 
  1. Copy the OI10Setup64.exe and OI 10 Authorization code to your local “C:” drive.
  2. Right-click and choose Copy to copy your OI 10 authorization code to your clipboard buffer.
  3. Right-click and “Run as administrator” on OI10Setup64.exe.
  4. Right-click and choose Paste to paste in your authorization code when asked.
  5. Choose “Enable enhanced login security policy”.
  6. Click finish and keep “Register client files” checked.
  7. During the client files install, answer “yes” to install optional components.
  8. Make sure that the latest 64-bit java runtime is installed on your computer.

Running Setup for OpenInsight 10.0.8 (Update) 

  1. Copy the OI10UPDTSetup.exe and OI 10 Authorization code to your local “C:” drive.
  2. Copy your OI 10 authorization code to your buffer.
  3. Right-click and “Run as administrator” on OI10UPDTSetup.exe.
  4. Paste in your authorization code when asked.
  5. Browse to your existing OpenInsight 10 Executable Directory.
  6. Enter the password for SYSPROG.
  7. Enter the password for EXAMPLES
  8. Click finish and keep “Register client files” checked.
  9. During the client files install, answer “yes” to install optional components.
  10. Make sure that the latest 64-bit java runtime is installed on your computer.

Initial Startup

NOTE: It is VERY important that you run the Engine Server in "debug" mode, from a DOS CMD prompt, initially after installation.  Windows Firewall may try to "block" the newly-installed process from communicating over the network; if the Windows Firewall message appears, you must "allow" access (on either the private or public network, as applicable).  Once access has been allowed, you can run the Engine Server in either "debug" mode or via a service.
  1. Launch your engine server from the DOS CMD prompt.  There is a batch file, EngineServerDebug.bat, located in your OpenInsight folder (or created as a shortcut during the installation process, if shortcut creation was enabled).  Double-click on that BAT file to launch the engine server.
  2. Make sure that ports 18888 and 18088 are permitted in your Windows Firewall inbound rules.
  3. Launch the OI SYSPROG shortcut.  The OpenInsight presentation server executable is located in C:\Revsoft\OInsight10\ OpenInsight.exe.  If you create a shortcut to OpenInsight.exe make sure that the Target properties include /ap=SYSPROG /un=SYSPROG /pw=SYSPROG /dv=1.  This will launch you into the main SYSPROG application.
  4. To log into the SYSPROG application without the command line switches, log in with Application: SYSPROG, User Name: SYSPROG, Password: SYSPROG
  5. To log into the EXAMPLES application use: Application: EXAMPLES, User Name: EXAMPLES, Password: EXAMPLES
  6. To start the Management Console, from the IDE choose, View, Management Console.  Log in as User Name: OICONSOLE and Password: SYSPROG.
  7. To launch O4W, start a browser and go to: http://localhost:18888/o4w/.  Login as User Name: OICONSOLE and Password: SYSPROG.
  8. Documentation is located in the OInsight10\Documents folder.
If you find any issues or have any suggestions while running OpenInsight 10, please enter them into our OpenInsight Issue Tracking System & Suggestion Box located on the Works Gateway page of our web site.  This page also includes a Works Discussion board for questions and answers.

OpenInsight Works

OpenInsight is licensed per user and OpenInsight Works is licensed per developer. If you need additional development licenses or have questions regarding licensing, please contact your Revelation Software sales representative or Revelation Software's Customer Service department at (800) 262-4747.
As further releases to the OpenInsight product line are made available, they will be announced on
If you do not have access to the World Wide Web, please contact your Revelation Software sales representative or Revelation Software's Customer Service department at (800) 262-4747 or (201) 594-1422.
In the UK and Europe, please call +44 (0) 208 912 1000 and in Asia, please call +64 (9) 534 9134.